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A New York White Collar Crime Lawyer will tell you that a White Collar Crime is a criminal act committed by someone considered to be of high social status. White collar crimes involve a fraudulent act, or deliberate deception for profit. Particularly in light of the current economic climate, the New York Office of the District Attorney is cracking down on these types of crimes. If you have been charged with a White Collar Crime, contact a New York White Crime Lawyer as soon as possible. These cases can result in not only state but federal charges against you, and result in lengthy prison sentences and fines. Stephen Bilkis and Associates have offices throughout the New York area, including all of New York City’s boroughs, as well as Long Island and Westchester County.

The term White Collar Crime refers to a collection of crimes such as computer fraud, Bribery, identity theft, securities fraud, and Grand Larceny, just to name a few. The perpetrators of these crimes are often officials, corporate executives, and every day citizens. These crimes are far more common than you think, and often one crime will overlap another. For instance, suppose an individual steals a person’s credit card number. They could use the stolen number to obtain money, perhaps over the internet or ATM. With this example, there may be identity theft, bank fraud, credit card fraud, computer fraud, and possibly grand larceny involved.

This type of crime can result in charges by not only the state District Attorney’s office, but possibly the U.S. Attorney’s Office as well. If the case is considered particularly high profile, both entities may choose to prosecute the case. The determining factors for this will be the dollar amount involved, what type of theft crime was committed, and who the participants are (individuals, corporations, celebrities, etc.). This can also bring up the constitutional issue of double jeopardy. This legal concept set forth in the U.S. Constitution prohibits a person from being charged twice for the same offense. As you can see these cases can be quite complex. White collar crimes can also involve extensive amounts of evidence and documentation, which make it important to have a qualified New York White Collar Crime Lawyer assisting you.

If you have been charged with a White Collar Crime it is important to formulate a strong defense, and ensure that your rights are protected. At Stephen Bilkis and Associates, an experienced New York Criminal Lawyer can provide you with legal advice as well as a free consultation. We have offices in Westchester County, Nassau County and Suffolk County. Call us at 1-800-NY-NY-LAW to receive your free appointment.

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